Microsystems Technology

Research in the field of microsystems technology is in the main focus of different departments of ISIT.

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IC Technology

The IC Technology group develops and produces microelectronic components, power semiconductors and passive components.

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Biosensor Technology

The biosensor technology team develops and produces silicon based microsystems for high sophisticated biosensors used in miniaturized and mobile analysis platforms.

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Packaging Technology

The "Advanced Packaging" group is specialised in detecting and promoting new trends and technologies in electronics packaging.

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The department "Module Integration" is concerned with the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies.

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Integrated Power Systems

Storage systems for electrical energy, ubiquitous in applications, will play a crucial role in the reorganization of the global energy sector for generations to come.

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Fields of Activity

Fraunhofer ISIT has its research and development activities divided into seven closely networked workgroups.
The Microsystems Technology is a core activity at the institute, an area which ISIT has pioneered in Germany. For over 25 years ISIT scientists have been working on the development of micromechanical sensors and actuators.
The working group Power Electronics and IC Technology develops and manufactures both active and passive integrated circuits as well as passive components.
The department Biotechnical Microsystems combines the world of microelectronics with the biochemistry and is a world leader in the technology of electric biochips. These biochips are the basis of analysis systems, which can be used to identify and quantify DNA, RNA, proteins, and haptens.
One of the prerequisites for the development of microsystems and microelectronic components is a highly capable IC Design. The staff at ISIT are specialists in the design of analog/digital circuits, which enable the analysis of signals from silicon sensors and their electronic conversion.
The group Quality and Reliability of Electronic Assemblies as well as Packaging Technology offers customers a broad range of services, including precision assembly of microstructured components and development of customer-specific packages.
Finally ISIT develops Integrated Powersystems. The ISIT Lithium polymer technology is characterized by an extensive adaptability to a variety of specific applications and is suitable for the construction of powerful batteries for e. g. portable electronics, for automotive industry or for medical technology.