Advanced Packaging

Back-End Technologies

The following elements of "classical" back-end technology are available as ISIT service offers:
• Mechanical dicing,
• Wafer thinning (grinding and polishing),
• Aluminium and gold wire bonding,
• Die attach, manual and fully automatic (Fig. left?)
• Module integration: Chip-on-Board (COB), multi chip module (MCM)
• Dispensing of encapsulants (glob top, dam-and-fill)

In extension of the back end technologies based on wire bonding, the flip chip and chip-size packaging (CSP) are of great importance, especially for mobile applications. ISIT disposes of equipment and technology for all basic assembly methods:
• Flip chip bonding (Fig. left?) based on soldering, epoxy dip and stud bumping (ultrasound-assisted)
• Conditioning of wafers for flip chip or chip size packaging by solder balling and solder paste printing
• Dispensing of underfill adhesives

ISIT offers an exhaustive selection of test chips and substrates for evaluation.