Advanced Packaging

MEMS Modules

"System-in-Package" designates the concept of integrating electronic circuits - generally ICs with analog and digital functions - together with physical sensor elements in a single package.
Throughout the past decade, ISIT has greatly enhanced their competences in the development of safety relevant rotation rate sensors for the automotive industry. (Fig. left) The institute now disposes of a flexible infrastructure and quality management for the development and pilot production of novel micro systems. On customer demand, the packaging concept can be assessed by an FMEA. After successful qualification, the process can additionally be transferred to a high volume production environment.
In the frame of the strategically oriented technology project DAVID (Sixth European Framework Programme), a number of key technologies was studied and advanced to integrate SiP in an even smaller volume (Fig. left). The primary motivation was the direct interconnect of IC and inertial MEMS structures, targeting the introduction of Chip Size Packaging (CSP) into the MEMS domain. These assembly concepts are particularly interesting for mobile electronic applications and for the automotive market.