Biosensor Technology

Continuous Enzyme Sensors

Amperometric sensors for continuous monitoring of glucose1) or lactate2):
- Silicon chip (6mm x 7mm) with etched cavities (0.65mm x 0.65mm) and fine pore membrane
- Adjustment of the linear range of the sensor by number (9, 25, 100) and size (10 or 5 microns in diameter) of pores
- Multiple cavities to determine multiple analytes in parallel or for differential measurements to compensate background interference
- Successful sensor validation by clinical trials for the continuous monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients
- Linear range of glucose measurement in interstitial fluid of diabetic patients: 0.05mM - 20mM (0.9mg/dl - 360mg/dl)
- Integration of the sensors in combination with printed electronics to wearable systems for sweat analysis (ELaN)