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Integrated Power Systems

Storage systems for electrical energy, ubiquitous in applications, will play a crucial role in the reorganization of the global energy sector for generations to come. The current state of technology is the lithium ion cell available in different shapes and sizes. The present electrochemical storage solutions are yet regarded as dissatisfying concerning several important specifications (e.g. energy density, low
temperature behaviour, economic feasibility).

Great efforts are made worldwide to reduce or even overcome these deficiencies by optimizing the present systems or by developing electrochemical cells applying novel material combinations like Li/S. Transferring novel energy storage concepts to industrial production represents both a great technological and an economic challenge.
The department „Integrated Power Systems“ of Fraunhofer ISIT has been working in the field of electrochemical energy accumulators since 1999 and addresses central subjects with its two areas of expertise:
• The complete process chain for producing Lithium secondary cells with patented variable chemistry and design technologies.
• Transfer and up-scaling of laboratory coating processes to a pilot production line.

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