Microsystems Technology


Litho 1
Litho 2

Process Catalogue Lithography

Spin and spraycoating on plane or patterned 6“ and 8“ wafer using positive and negative tone resists of low and high viscosity (10 to 104 mPas) to obtain a thickness from 400nm to 60µm.
Puddle and spray development

Exposure by maskaligner in proximity or contact mode.
Front and backside alignment for 6” and 8” wafers.
Widefield-Stepper for exposing 8” wafers to 50 x 50 mm² patterns, 800nm resolution.
Highresolution-Stepper for exposing 8” wafers to 22 x 22 mm² patterns, 400nm resolution.

Application of dry resists
Wafer coating with specialties
Lift-off processing