Quality and Reliability

Application Center for Process Technology in Assembly Manufacturing


● Process optimisation in circuit board assembly: manufacturing processes like solder paste printing, component placement and soldering (reflow, wave, selective, vapor phase and special soldering techniques) are fine-tuned to match optimally.
● The introduction of novel technologies and methods is tested and transferred to customer specific equipment.
● Fine pitch solder paste printing for discrete components and for integrated circuits on wafer level:
     ● pin-in-paste manufacturing,
     ● introduction of new materials and tools, e.g. step-structured printing stencils and processes (e.g. jet dispensing), 
     ● soldering profile optimisation in given process window for in-line, selective and rework soldering processes, in combination with thermal simulation and temperature measurement
     ● multiple soldering processes using solder alloys with increasing melting points,
     ● manufacturing of functional samples, prototypes and pilot production series.

SMD Rework Center

Conformity to valid industrial standards:
● standardised handling of components and modules,
● rework of complex assemblies,
● selective soldering for completion of assemblies,
● gentle repair processes for electronic assemblies under consideration of valid industry standards,
● quality control via optical and X-ray inspection as well as cross section analysis,
● process training for operators on the customer's own equipment

Component and Material Qualification

● soldering heat resistance,
● MSL-test according to J-STD 020,
● process- and manufacturing compliance,
● assessment of manufacturing parameters for RoHS conformity,
● solder paste evaluation according to recognised valid industry standards.


● manual soldering
● rework of complex assemblies
● the leadfree process
● advanced training on solder process
● leadfree soldering for power assemblies
● Technology Days
● In-house offers

  • Temperature Profile Prediction Tool for Reflow Soldering
  • ISIT Line and SMD Rework Center
  • SMT-Testboard