Quality and Reliability

Available Technologies

Verfügbare Technologien
Verfügbare Technologien

● Aging (thermal cycling, shock test, climate chambers, inert gas oven)
● Contamination measurement (ionograph, IR-spectroscopy)
● Electrochemical measurement technology (galvanometer, potentiometer, impedance)
● Environmental test lab (climate chambers)
● High-current load cycling
● Inspection via AOI (automatic optical inspection)
● Inspection, visual (microscope, Ersascope®)
● Ionograph
● Layer thickness measurement
● Macro photography
● Mechanical testing (pull-, shear-, peel- and pressure testing system)
● Metallography: preparation and analysis
● Microfocus X-ray inspection
● Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) testing
● Optical microscope
● Package decapsulator
● Pressure Cooker Test (PCT)
● Printed circuit board testing according to IPC 6010
● Pull & shear test
● Reliability assessment
● Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM)
● Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with EDX
● Shock test
● SMD rework (leadfree according to RoHS)
● SMD soldering process (leadfree according to RoHS)
● Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) via 3D inspection system
● Solderability testing
● Strain measurement
● Surface resistance (SIR test)
● Surface roughness
● Thermal resistance
● Thermographic measurement
● Thermomechanical strain measurement
● Through-Hole Technology (THT) process (leadfree according to RoHS)
● Wetting force measurement