Business Unit Embedded Sensors

Embedded Sensors

Embedded sensors are not just customized physical components, they are also tailored to fit into the economic and functional frame of their intended application purpose. Fraunhofer ISIT is especially focused on MEMS sensors manufactured by means of silicon wafer technologies for producing components in high volume and small size.

The business field “Embedded Sensors” cross-links ISIT’s micro system technologies with module- and system integration competences. Our services cover all parts of the value chain between the raw wafer and pilot production. Stable processes can easily be transferred on-site to our partner XFAB MEMS Foundry Itzehoe in order to run an industrial production.

Examples for “Embedded Sensors” developments at ISIT are sensors and system components for measuring rotation rates, acceleration, magnetic fields (including high sensitivity), pressure and force / strain, mass flow of gases and liquids, conductivity and pH value of liquids. Our advanced competence in wafer level packaging already enabled our customers to integrate thermal imaging, contactless temperature measurement as well as monolithically combined rotation rate and acceleration sensors. Frequent application fields are human-machine interaction, medical technology, wearables, automotive and industrial process control.

We readily assist in the development of innovative project ideas through public funded cooperation projects: R&D results from our process development services thus remain our know-how and the customer just pays for the effective usage of the process itself. The currently strongest societal motivations for project funding are demographic change, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.