Business Unit Medical Sensor Systems

Medical Sensor Systems

In the business unit "Medical Sensor Systems' customer-oriented silicon-based microsystems for biosensors in miniaturized and mobile analysis platforms are developed. The research focus is primarily on the theme of "microsystems for health". Core competences are the position-specific immobilization of biomolecules, microfluidics, assay development, electrochemistry and biosensing.

Electrical biochips for microelectrode array-based tests are a core activity. Position-specific analysis is realized by immobilizing biomolecules combined with a highly sensitive electrochemical measurement method as the "redox cycling". These robust sensor systems are suitable for the simultaneous and rapid detection of a variety of analytes in a sample, and can be adapted as a platform technology to your needs and provide a cost effective alternative to the conventional ELISA plate technology. The system includes microfluidic components, all needed reagents and integrated electronics for the electrical microarray chips read out. It can be used for the identification and quantification of DNA, RNA, proteins and haptens.

To extend the range of analytes, ISIT develops mobile microsystems based on a liquid chromatographic separation process. Various materials, process technologies and system integration technologies are examined. The aim of this development is, to build up an integrated microsystem for the detection of contaminants and residues for a sustainable environment-, food- and health-management.
Physical sensors for the acoustic response analysis of walking, the sensor-based writing therapy (digital pen) and biomagnetic sensors for EEG and ECG complete our portfolio.