Business Unit Optical Microsystems

Optical Microsystems

Fraunhofer ISIT has over 20 years of experience in development of optical microsystems. Among those there are fast laser scanners, laser beam steering systems, microlenses, wafer-level-micro-optics, beam forming elements, aperture stops, micromirror arrays, opto-packages for UV to IR, as well as image sensing and display technology. ISIT's customized solutions serve applications of the automotive industry, medical technology, industrial metrology, aerospace industry, as well as consumer industry. ISIT's range of services includes conception, simulation, design, manufacturing, packaging, mounting and characterization of the optical MEMS elements. Furthermore, ISIT's actuator components are complemented by a dedicated system electronics based on a FPGA platform which enables for example to implement a biaxial MEMS-laser scanner in a laser video projector for head-up displays and 3D-camera systems for range sensing.
ISIT offers a variety of patented manufacturing processes in form of standard fabrication platforms. In addition to these platforms ISIT also offers individual extension and process development to further increase the bandwidth and parameter range of optical microsystems. This offers individual reaction and high flexibility to the customer's requirements.
It is a unique characteristics and part of the overall concept that not only the development of the required optical MEMS device is offered - but also the later transfer to production is provided at the same site. This is enabled by the tight collaboration of Fraunhofer ISIT with its industrial partner X-FAB.