Chemical-mechanical Polishing (CMP)

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International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology ICPT

ICPT is an annual high-level conference covering all aspects of CMP and has been founded by a co-operation of the CMP Users Groups of China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States. The very successful conference takes place generally in fall at changing locations: in Tokyo, Japan (2004), Seoul, South Korea (2005, 2011), Foster City, CA, USA (2006), Dresden, Germany (2007), Hsinchu, Taiwan (2008, 2013), Fukuoka (2009), Japan, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (2010), Grenoble, France (2012), Kobe, Japan (2014), Chandler, AZ, USA (2015) and Beijing, China (2016). ICPT 2017 will be held on October 11 - October 13, 2017 in Leuven, Belgium.  

CMP Users Meetings

The German VDE/VDI-GMM Society for Microelectronics, Micro and Precision Engineering supports developments in microelectronics and microsystem technology and organizes together with ISIT regular CMP users meetings. Target groups are all individuals who employ CMP and use it for production, who manufacture equipment and materials for CMP or who are active in CMP-related R&D.

Since 1998 the CMP Users Meetings are held in regular intervals. The fall meetings are organized in timely connection with Semicon Europa and have developed into an international event. The spring meetings take place at changing locations and are intended as a European forum for CMP information exchange.The conference language of the meeting is English.

The workshops offer opportunities to meet other CMP users and discuss CMP related topics with experts. Short contributions or longer presentations cover new developments in equipment, materials, processes, applications, etc. or inform about CMP-related subjects like measurement, cleaning, media distribution, waste disposal, etc.. Those interested in giving contributions are requested to contact the organizers. Submissions are considered in the order of arrival.

Wet chemical processes like wet etching, wet cleaning and electroplating furtheron play an important role in the manufacturing of microelectronic and MEMS devices. Due to the large overlap with CMP, it has been decided to hold meetings of the Wet Users Group in a tight connection to the CMP Users Meetings. Therefore, invitations to both meetings will be sent out together and future CMP Users Meetings will be introduced by a Wet Users Meeting the day before.

Recent presentations can be downloaded password-protected by the workshop attendees.


Next Meetings:
- 38th CMP and 9th Wet Users Meeting,

Spring 2018, location to be announced

International Conference on
ICPT 2017
October 11 - October 13, 2017
Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium

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