Agglomerated Microsystems

Based on a manufacturing technology developed and patented at ISIT, the Agglomerated Microsystems group develops innovative microcomponents for applications in the fields of MEMS sensors and actuators, microfluidics, energy harvesting and microelectronics.


Powder MEMS Technology

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Fraunhofer ISIT has a patented agglomeration technology for the production of three-dimensional microstructures. The technology opens up numerous degrees of freedom for the realization of novel micro components with innovative functionalities. The type of materials as well as the geometry, porosity and inner surface of the agglomerated structures are used to set the desired properties. ISIT's manufacturing technology offers various advantages over other processes such as sintering or polymer-based binders: Low process temperatures and thermal stability are allowing a clean room compatible further processing of the components and the open pore structure allows microfluidic applications.

In addition to agglomeration technology, ISIT has extensive expertise and equipment for the realization of complete components. Pre- and post-processing by means of numerous clean room processes allow the optimal integration of agglomerated components for the improvement of existing or the realization of newly developed microsystems.

Depending on series volume and requirements, the production of developed components can take place at the location or be transferred accompanied by ISIT.

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PowderMEMS Technology


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