A millimetre large magnetic disc, which consists of solidified NdFeB microparticles inside.
Micro magnets integrated into a silicon form

ISIT's integration technology enables the application of macroscopic magnetic principles to microsystems. Three-dimensional magnetic microstructures with dimensions between 20µm and 1000µm and depths of up to 500 µm can be generated at wafer level. Depending on the application, the magnets are either detached from the substrate or integrated into microsystems.


In the field of microelectronics, for example, the integration of soft magnetic micro-coil cores at wafer level is possible. Compared to existing technologies, such components promise higher temperature resistance and access to higher frequency ranges. Applications include miniaturized DC-DC converters or integrated voltage sources for LED modules.

Sensors and actuators are central fields for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). Integrated magnetic structures can be used in MEMS for both position detection and actuation.