Power Electronic Systems

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In the business area Power Electronic Systems, we offer our customers a broad technological and system support through advanced device and process development of application-specific power semiconductors (IGBTs, diodes, MOSFETs), new assembly and packaging technologies for modern housing concepts as well as the design of highly efficient power converters with integrated condition monitoring for long lifetimes.

Providing application-specific power components as a central element of the system optimization as well as their production by our industrial partner at the location Itzehoe provide a unique selling point in the value chain from the component to the system.

In addition, we offer assistance in the development of innovative circuit designs for highly efficient and reliable power converters, also with built-in monitoring functions for condition diagnosis and lifetime prediction. Areas of application are here mainly in the field of renewable energy systems, grid integration, as well as electric drives. In the area of DC-DC converter, our systems achieve efficiencies of over 99%. Many years of experience in the field of reliability tests and failure analysis complete our offerings to customers.