Dry Coating

Dry Coating Process for Battery Electrodes: Environmentally friendly, cost efficient, space and energy saving

The fabrication of high-load electrodes is a highly promising approach for increasing the energy density of Li-ion batteries due to a favorable relation of active to inactive materials. However, state-of-the-art tape-casting processes with relatively high solvent contents are limited in terms of coating thickness and drying procedures, accompanied by undesirable effects like e.g. binder migration. Therefore, advanced processes for the electrode production are urgently needed.

Fraunhofer ISIT has developed a dry coating process, which works completely without solvents. The drying of the coated electrode slurry is an energy intensive process. It also requires a large available space because of the long drying sections needed for an optimal process result. With the dry coating process developed by Fraunhofer ISIT, the use of solvents becomes obsolete. Furthermore, higher loadings even exceeding the range of conventional electrodes are possible. This leads to significant cost savings and is more environmentally friendly.

Our solution

Our main goal: An environmentally friendly manufacturing of battery electrodes

Our features

  • Dry coating technology without solvent consumption implies significant material savings in the electrodes production
  • Drastic reduction of the mixing time thanks to adapted dry mixing processes
  • Accelerated production process
  • Less than a third of the equipment space required compared to conventional solution
  • Energy savings in the energy-intensive drying process / elimination of solvent recovery unit

Benchmark of the electrodes manufacturing process

  Cost positions REFERENCE - Casting process Savings using extrusion process Savings using novel ISIT dry coating process

Solvent - cathode


-90% NMP

-100% NMP


Mixing time

0,5 - 2h




Drying, solvent recovery

6,7 kWh / cell: 3,2 kWh of which for drying



Machine [footprint]

Total length

Depending on drying time



Machine [process]

Coating speed

Drying speed

35-80 m/min

35-80 m/min



+/- 10% (post treatment)

-100% (drying obsolete)

Labour [productivity]

Operator cost per machine

Automation level dependant

+25% productivity

+40% productivity

Cost savings [excluding energy consumption]





What FAB-SH can do for you @ Fraunhofer ISIT

Accelerated battery cell development

  • Application-specific cell design
  • Optimization of cells according to customer experience
  • Proof of concept of new cell designs & form factors
  • Prototyping & small batch production

Efficient use of resources

  • Simulation-based design of system and cooling systems
  • Customized systems for new applications
  • Prioritization of cell properties
  • Qualification from cells to module

Innovative manufacturing technology

  • Development of new coating process technologies & customer-specific recipes for electrodes
  • Characterization of new materials & components
  • Support for production process adoption

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