High-power batteries with extended lifetime

Our features: High rate capability, cost efficiency, customized shape

Lithium-based high-rate batteries are widely used in compact and portable devices where downtimes or unplanned maintenance does not translate into financial risks. However, in a growing number of industrial markets, battery storage needs to be built on safe and reliable technologies to offer durability and meet power requirement whatever the weather conditions and over the equipment lifetime.

Ultra-high-performance batteries developed in our Lab, which can be produced with discharge rate up to 60C, can be considered as the game changer in terms of safety, reliability, and performance. Our batteries are built on different cell chemistries (classic, specialized) and find their application in multiple industries.


  Hybrid trains, maritim Aerospace / electric flying Tailored to industrial needs
Key attributeS and requirements

Lifetime > 30 years

Very limited energy mass

High peak current and power demand

Low operating costs

Ideal combination of high power and light cells

Versatile format for handheld equipment

High uptime

Low overall weight

Light weight by design

Our key attributes

Hybrid trains and maritime

  • Lifetime > 30 years
  • Low operating costs
  • High uptime

Aerospace (electric flying)

  • Very limited energy mass
  • Ideal combination of high power and light cells
  • Low overall weight

Tailored to industrial needs

  • High peak current and power demand
  • Versatile format for handheld equipment
  • Light weight by design

High-power battery cells:
Examples and technical specifications

  Battery-electric train Industrial application Airborne Commercially available

2,3 V

3,7 V

3,7 V

3,7 V

Energy Density 40 Wh/kg 130 - 170 Wh/kg

Up to 150 Wh/kg

150 Wh/kg


40-60 C 10 C

15 - 20 C

3 - 8 C

Cycle stability Over 7000 cycles 2000 cycles

Up to 600 - 1500 cycles

Up to 1000 cycles

Durability 10 - 20 years 5 - 8 years

Up to 10 years

Up to 5 years

High power cells: Features

  classic specialized

3,7 V

2,3 V

Energy Density

150 Wh/kg to 400 Wh/l

40 Wh/kg to 130 Wh/l


20 C

60 C

Cycle stability

>1000 cycles

>7000 cycles


8 - 10 years

Up to 20 years

Temperature range

0˚C - 60˚C

-10˚C - 60˚C


<65 Ah

<20 Ah


35 cm x 15 cm

35 cm x 15 cm

What FAB-SH can do for you @ Fraunhofer ISIT

Accelerated battery cell development

  • Application-specific cell design
  • Optimization of cells according to customer experience
  • Proof of concept of new cell designs & form factors
  • Prototyping & small batch production

Efficient use of resources

  • Simulation-based design of system and cooling systems
  • Customized systems for new applications
  • Prioritization of cell properties
  • Qualification from cells to module

Innovative manufacturing technology

  • Development of new coating process technologies & customer-specific recipes for electrodes
  • Characterization of materials & components
  • Adoption of manufacturing process

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