MEMS In-Ear Speaker

Illustration of a MEMS-based in-ear system

One focus is the development of highly miniaturized, integrated MEMS loudspeakers. In contrast to conventional products, these novel chip speakers are based on high-performance MEMS drives. The MEMS loudspeakers are manufactured using state-of-the-art silicon technology, which not only enables micrometer-precise manufacturing but also cost-efficient mass production. In addition to outstanding acoustic performance as well as enhanced functionalities, the MEMS speakers feature significantly smaller sizes and superior energy efficiency, making them particularly attractive for mobile applications such as augmented reality, hearables, wireless headphones and hearing aids. To the benefit of Fraunhofer ISIT's customers, the actuator and loudspeaker concepts are patented.

Numerical Simulation of a MEMS-based In-Ear System
MEMS speaker chip for in-ear applications