PowderMEMS is ISIT's patented microfabrication process for the generation of three-dimensional functional microstructures on wafer level. The Agglomerated Microsystems Group uses PowderMEMS for applications in the fields of MEMS sensors and actuators, microfluidics, energy harvesting as well as microelectronics.


The technology opens up numerous degrees of freedom for the realization of novel microcomponents with innovative functionalities. Structures with dimensions from a few tens to hundreds of micrometers can be created at substrate level from a wide range of materials.




PowderMEMS structures enable for example

  •  Thermal management
  •  Integrated micromagnets
  •  Local porosity
  •  High density

Use Cases


Sensor technology

PowderMEMS enables the integration of large surfaces as well as functional porous microstructures in MEMS sensors. By using the third dimension this is possible with low wafer footprint.


Energy harvesting

Unlike conventional MEMS energy harvesting systems, Fraunhofer's patented PowderMEMS technology allows them to be replaced by denser materials such as tungsten or NdFeB.


Integrated inductors

The Powder MEMS technology developed at Fraunhofer ISIT offers a wide range of possibilities in the fabrication of inductors and transformers with magnetic core on a substrate (e.g. silicon, FR4) for high frequency applications.


Functional MEMS structures

The multiple degrees of freedom of the PowderMEMS process enable the creation of functional microstructures for a wide range of applications.


PowderMEMS technology

Fraunhofer ISIT's PowderMEMS process enables the integration of almost any material in planar substrates such as silicon, glass, ceramics and PCBs.