Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

In chemical vapor deposition (CVD), chemically hard materials are separated from the gas phase. These gaseous components flow around the material to be coated at temperatures around 1000 ° C. In doing so, the components on the surface are brought into reaction with substrate material, so that a firmly adhering layer is formed on the surface. The LPCVD process describes the deposition of layers under low pressure. The advantage of using these methods is the density and even distribution of the coating.



Double-sided coating, batch process

Application areas:

Hard masking, sacrificial layers, protective layers, passivation layers, MEMS-specific processes



  • Dry Oxide
  • Wet Oxide


  • SiN (silicon nitride)
  • HTO (high temperature oxide)
  • poly Si (polysilicon)
  • Amorphous silicon