Active reliability

Active reliability for mission critical applications

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maintenance friendly operation: Optimal hardware design and embedded sensors enable the implementation of observers and digital twins, which are exploited to develop control strategies for maintenance friendly power electronics: high availability through fault-tolerance, lifetime extension, and scheduled maintenance.
  • Experience: A strong experience in chip-to-component and power module design and reliability.
  • Know-how and expertise: World-famous expertise of Prof. Marco Liserre and his team at Kiel University in terms of reliability-driven control and high efficiency power conversion.
  • Equipment: Well-equipped laboratories for thermal and electrical characterisations.

The challenge

As power electronics spreads through all layers of society, it comes to address mission critical applications, where faults can induce high downtime and repair costs, damage to the infrastructure, and to people. We develop solutions to extend actively the lifetime of power systems, using innovative control algorithms, and high reliability hardware design. 

Our solution

Our portfolio

  • Thermal management
  • High current PM design
  • Active thermal control
  • Lifetime and maintenance-driven control

Our offer

  • Thermal design, modelling, simulation, and characterisation
  • PM design, multiphysic simulation, and complete characterisation (thermal, electrical, losses).
  • Lifetime analysis 

Applications fields

  • Automotive industry
  • Datacenters
  • Industry
  • Renewables
  • Battery integration

Our use case