Power Electronic

Development of technologies, components and system concepts for high-performance energy systems

The business unit Power Electronics at Fraunhofer ISIT develops and manufactures innovative active and passive power semiconductor components based on silicon and gallium nitride, develops power electronic systems and integrates them with high-performance accumulators for special applications towards high-power storage systems.

The advanced power transistors and diodes from Fraunhofer ISIT enable applications in a wide voltage range from a few 10V to 1200V. The development portfolio ranges from silicon-based IGBTs, diodes and MOSFETs to diodes and transistors for highest switching frequencies in the MHZ range based on gallium nitride in modern 8” manufacturing environment.

On system level, the ISIT offers the development of novel circuit topologies and integration concepts for highly efficiency DC/DC and DC/AC power converters using application-specific power semiconductors targeting an optimized overall system performance and long-term reliability. Key fields of application for these ISIT services are in the field of renewable energies, e-mobility and electric flying.

The Fraunhofer ISIT offers customer-specific battery developments on lithium-polymer based battery storage technology with a wide adaptability to specific requirement profiles, e.g. in terms of fast charging/discharging capability, load capacity and durability. At the ISIT, a complete process chain is available from paste processing up to the assembly and characterization for single cells up to high-power storage systems.

Advanced Power Transistors

Battery Systems for Special Applications

Further technologies