Apprenticeship at Fraunhofer ISIT

Your dream job in applied research - Come to Fraunhofer!

Do you want to help shape the future? Then Fraunhofer is the right place for you. Fraunhofer ISIT offers apprenticeships in the field of microsystems technology.  

We not only train, but also continue to train!

We offer our trainees the best possible start to their careers. This includes more than just a first-class working environment: practical work with plenty of scope for personal development makes us one of the most popular employers in Germany.

Our on-site trainers work right in the middle of the action themselves. Practical skills, specialist knowledge, soft skills - you get an "all-inclusive" package. Furthermore, you will learn the theory for your future profession at the vocational school (RBZ Kreis Steinburg in Itzehoe) and make new contacts in the process. You can also take part in internships at partner companies and cooperation partners to get a broader view of the possibilities at ISIT. After the apprenticeship, you will have excellent opportunities with Fraunhofer know-how in your luggage.

Your strengths are the focus: Choose the focus!


As a microtechnologist, you manufacture microtechnological products in process engineering.

Your main focus is microsystems technology (MST), from which there are two further areas of specialization from which you can choose: Packaging & Interconnection Technology or Cleanroom.

Your work is characterized by logistics, process engineering, quality assurance, disposal and technical support. You will work in our research and development areas as well as in the clean room and laboratory.  

Clean room

Here you will manufacture silicon products by depositing layers, patterning, etching, doping and assembling as well as specific testing.

Fields of application: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) / Optical Sensors (MOEMS), Power Semiconductors, Opto Semiconductors or Optoelectronic Display Systems.

Focus on assembly & connection technology

In particular, carriers for the components are produced here by coating processes, as well as microsystems by assembly, soldering, bonding, sealing and testing.

Fields of application: Production of circuit carriers in thick/thin film technology, hybrid technology, SMD assembly technology, production of components by lithographic deep etching or electroplating and molding technology.


Saskia talks about her training and career as a microtechnologist at Fraunhofer ISIT.


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