Quality and Reliability

Controlled quality and reliability is a competitive key factor. Fraunhofer ISIT supports its customers with service offers from the concept phase, through process control to the analysis of field return. During manufacturing and lifetime, all parts of an electronic assembly undergo deteriorative loads such as soldering heat, mounting stress and humidity/temperature cycles in field application. Material selection, design and process control are the decisive factors to deliver products of high quality. Based on many years of analyzing failures from field returns or accelerated aging, ISIT has developed a range of service offers that allow customers to actively increase the reliability of their products.

  • Analytics and environmental testing
  • Individual consulting on design and process issues
  • Training for production leaders and operators
  • Targeted R&D projects with third party funding
  • Networking with regional competence in industry and academia

For the analysis of electronic devices and modules of most different kinds, a large variety of tools is available for metallographic preparation and characterization, e.g. a scanning electron microscope with EDX feature for element probing. Non-destructive techniques like microfocus X-Ray analysis, Computer Tomography, and scanning acoustic microscopy allow to localize failures precisely before the actual preparation or to screen a large amount of samples for known typical failures within a short time.

Since 2008, the Fraunhofer ISIT is founding member of the "Competence Center Power electronics" that bundles industrial and scientific expertise in the region of Schleswig-Holstein in a regional network. In addition to ISIT's running R&D activities in the domain of power semiconductor technology, the "Module Integration" department systematically extends their competences in analytics, thermal simulation and assembly technology of power modules. Cooperation and research projects on a national or European level are equally important innovation drivers.


Electronic Components and Assemblies

Power Electronics, Assemblies and Modules