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The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) is the most important semiconductor power device for applications in the medium power range for voltages > 400 V. In order to improve its efficiency in terms of switching and on-state behavior, ISIT is focusing on the development of ultra-thin field-stop IGBTs. Another aspect is the adaptation to advanced assembly techniques.


The InMOVE project pursues the approach of splitting the drive power of an electric vehicle drive into several compact electric drive modules. This makes the electric drive power scalable and the drive architecture variable when using the same components. The electric drive modules consist of a slim, fast-rotating electric machine with integrated converter. The modular approach of the same drive modules for power scaling and variability of possible drive topologies makes economies of scale possible and reduces the development costs of the electrical drive components.

A prerequisite for the realization of such drive modules is a very compact design of the power electronics components to be integrated. In the context of this project, innovative power electronics technologies will therefore be pursued in a mechatronic overall approach, which should enable the drive system concept described above.

The technology innovations will be presented in a demonstrator of such a drive module and their functionality will be investigated and evaluated.  

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