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The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) is the most important semiconductor power device for applications in the medium power range for voltages > 400 V. To improve its efficiency in terms of switching and on-state performance, ISIT is focusing on the development of ultra-thin field-stop IGBTs. Another aspect is the adaptation to advanced assembly techniques.

The most compact electric drive in the world

ur lighthouse project on this topic is ATEM InMOVE - a joint project of the various partners from science and industry. As part of the project, the participating companies researched technologies for a drive concept for modular distributed electric drives of high speed and thus high power density on the part of the e-machine.

IGBT: Specifications and technical details

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Specification of the IGBT

Parameter Target value Layout
Temperature     25°C 125°C 150°C 175°C  
[V] 1200          
Rated currentInom [A] 200          
Frequency f [kHz] 13,5 Module coarse specification  
VCEsat (Trade-Off Rg = 1 Ω) dependet [V]   1,95 2,2 2,24 x IE-IGBT
Series resistorRG Ω 1          
Mechanical dimensions:
Chip dimensions [mm2] 15,92 x 12,01    
Gate-Pad Position   Rim center
Chip-surface (without Gate) (PAD) [mm2] 153          
Chip thickness [µm] 120-140          
1) Power dissipation: from data sheet reference module, internal Rg = 4,7, RGoff = 0,91 Ω, 30 nH, 25°C)
Eon (1200 V, 200 A) [mJ]   10,5 1)
Eof (1200 V, 200 A) [mJ]   11 1)        
Etot = Eon + Eoff [mJ]   21,5 1)        
Short circuit time, tsc     with IE: 7,5 µs (150°C, 800V) without IE: max 7 µs (25°, 900 v)        
Metallization structure              
Front [µm] tbd. Sinterable: Ni-Au or Ni-Pd-Au elektroless        
Back [µm]   Ti 50 / Ni 100 / Ag 1000        
Technical details of the module superstructures

Technology STD IEP5 IEP5 IEP4
Module design


5 µm Pitch open module


5 µm Pitch open module

"Mold modules"

5 µm  

"Mold modules"

4 µm

1. Modul series (Mod1) 2. Modul series (Mod2)
3. Modul series (Mod3)
4. Modul series (Mod4)
Superstructure technology, front   Aluminum wire bond on N/Au or Al Aluminum wire bond on Ni/Au or Al DBB on Ni/Au Cu Wire bond on DBB DBB on Ni/Au Cu Wire bond on DBB
Superstructure technology, back Ti/Ni/Ag +Sintering on DCB Ti/Ni/Ag +Sintering on DCB Ti/Ni/ag + Sintering on DCB Ti/Ni/Ag + Sintering on DCB
IGBT STD 1. Generation IEPS 2. Generation IEPS 3. Generation
IEP4 5. Generation
Rg, IGBT_intern 0,7 Ω 0,7 Ω 0,7 Ω 0,7 Ω
Metal: Emitter
Ni/Au Ni/Au Ni/Au Ni/Au
Metal: Collector Ti/Ni/Ag
Ti/Ni/Ag Ti/Ni/Ag Ti/Ni/Ag
Diode: Metal: Anode SMIKORN, SKCD_81_C_120_I4F
Al Al Ni/Au Ni/Au
Metal: Cathode solderable, Ni/Ag solderable, Ni/Ag solderable, Ni/Ag solderable, Ni/Ag

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