Battery integration: Power converters for future battery technologies

High efficiency and high power density energy conversion for battery integration

Development of DC-DC power converters specifically dedicated to battery interfacing, with ultra-high efficiency, high power density, and high availability. In collaboration with our partners, we also investigate new charging cycles.

Based on our long-standing expertise in the design and test of isolated and non-isolated DCDC power converters using IGBTs and wide-bandgap devices (SiC & GaN), and conventional as well as high power planar transformers up to several tens of kW.

The Challenge

Many applications such as e-mobility and non-dispatchable renewable sources require fast and high capacity energy storage systems (ESS). In particular, e-mobility application have wide input power bandwidth whereas high density ESS such as fuel-cells are quite slow. Multi-source integration, combining for instance fuel-cells, batteries and super-capacitors can answer these needs. To this end we develop multiport power converters, associated to smart energy management strategies.

Our solution

Our portfolio

  • Topologies specifically trimmed for battery interfacing
  • Si-, SiC-, and GaN-based circuit development
  • Low parasitic magnetics design (planar and conventional)
  • Low parasitic active circuit design

Our offer

  • Multi-port power converters
  • Partial power processing for ultra-high efficiency and density
  • Multi-bus MVDC power converter
  • Low parasitic magnetics and active circuits design

Applications fields

  • Automotive industry
  • Renewables
  • Battery integration on the grid
  • Consumer electronics


Your benefits at a glance

  • Long standing expertise from Prof. Liserre’s teams at the Chair of power Electronics and at Fraunhofer ISIT in the development, control, and testing of DCDC power converters.
  • Cooperation with academics specialised in battery and super-capacitor development.
  • Laboratory dedicated to the development and characterization of batteries, their management system, and DC-DC converters to interface them.

Our use cases


Multiport partial power processing converter

Converter with energy storage integration for EV stationary charging