Multiport partial power processing converter with energy storage integration for EV stationary charging

Research & Development

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Concept with grid port voltage, BSS port voltage, EV port voltage and charging voltage
  • Analysis of the impact of using partial power processing to reduce cost, volume, and losses of a fast charging station integrating a stationary battery, for e-vehicules.
  • Loss budget over a full charging cycle
  • Experimental validation

USPs & Benefits

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Laboratory set-up

Reduced scale prototype

  • DC-link on grid side: 400 V
  • eV battery voltage: 260 - 340 V
  • 2.7 kW
  • Peak measured efficiency: 98.5 %, mean efficiency over a full charge cycle: 98.15%
  • Based on SiC (grid and eV ports) and Si (ESS port) MOSFETs


  • Ultra high efficiency: 73% peak power loss reduction
  • -25% system cost
  • High power density
  • bidirectionnal power transfert
  • Stationary energy storage integration
  • Isolated

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