Information on the COVID-19 pandemic for customers, cooperation partners and service providers of Fraunhofer ISIT

(Status: 06.04.2020, 17:00)


Information on the current status of measures and business activities at Fraunhofer ISIT.

Due to the current developments around the COVID-19 pandemic, it led to severe restrictions in both the private and business environment.  Therefore, we would like to inform our customers and partners about the current status at Fraunhofer ISIT.

The Institute continues to be active on behalf of its clients, partners and funding agencies.


The most important information about the institute's operations at a glance:

  • To slow the spread of the virus, tightened hygiene measures have been introduced at all sites and participation in internal and external events has been suspended. Business trips, visits and events will not take place until further notice.
  • Our scientists and the Management Center will be working from home offices as of March 16, 2020.
  • Research continues to be carried out in our clean rooms, but in compliance with special rules geared to the current situation.
  • Reachability for our customers, partners and funding bodies is our top priority. As a channel for contacting our scientists, we recommend e-mail communication.

We regularly provide information here about new developments concerning the institute's operations. The top priority in the current situation is the health of you, your employees and our colleagues. Let us therefore work together to implement the necessary measures.

We wish you good health and hope to see you again soon.

Corporate Social Responsibility Measures

Finally, and by no means least, we are thinking about our social responsibility and asking ourselves how we can contribute to overcoming this crisis, not only as private individuals but also as an institute. Here, too, we have already taken the first steps:

• Delivery of the protective clothing to the disaster control of the district Steinburg
• ISIT is participating in the »Fraunhofer vs. Corona« action program in immediate measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting industry and society in dealing with direct effects and later consequences.