Rapid Prototyping

Fast Battery Cell Development: Application-specific cell design

Two decades of accumulate research and development and battery cell design activities have enhance our capabilities in delivering a fast response to customer inquiry for cells prototypes and small batch production. Directly connected to your applications, our specialists are experts in delivering the precision match between the requirements of devices and materials, formulations, cell design and functionalities enhancing the customer experience for your applications.

Our offering ranges from robust battery cells in high- power, high-pressure, high- temperature versions to flexible variants in different form factors as well as smart cells for small series. Upon request we also offer full support for handling over your customized battery cells into production with our network of qualified partners.


Fast battery cell development by rapid prototyping

  • Time for development: 3* to 8 weeks after specifications acceptance and purchase order
  • Pouch cells in multiple form factors
  • Cell adaptation to customer experience

Examples of realized prototypes

High-Power Cell

High Temperature Cell

Smart Cell

18C discharge/charge rate

Up to 150°C operation temperature

Sensor integration in cells

160 Wh/kg


Safety monitoring

Graphite technology

High intrinsic safety

Ageing prediction

Ultra High Power Cell

High Pressure Cell

Cell Test

60C discharge/charge rate

600 bar pressure resistant

>400 measurement channels

190 Wh/kg

Flexible geometry

Cycle stability, C-Rate capability

LTO technology

Good low temperature performance

CV, HPLC, Impedance


Si High Energy Cell

Flexible Cell

Module Test

100% Si Anode

Resistant to alternating bending

5 Channels

>300 Wh/kg

High intrinsic safety

Up to 60 V, 150 A

What FAB-SH can do for you @ Fraunhofer ISIT

Accelerated battery cell development

  • Application-specific cell design
  • Optimization of cells according to customer experience
  • Proof of concept of new cell designs & form factors
  • Prototyping & small batch production

Efficient use of resources

  • Simulation-based design of system and cooling systems
  • Customized systems for new applications
  • Prioritization of cell properties
  • Qualification from cells to module

Innovative manufacturing technology

  • Development of new coating process technologies & customer-specific recipes for electrodes
  • Characterization of new materials & components
  • Support for production process adoption

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