Double Pulse Test Bench

  • Analysis und characterisation of switching of power semiconductors
  • Measuring of swichting losses
  • Comparision of different drivers
  • Testing of half bridge modules and bare dies on adapter PCBs
  • Monitoring via infrared camera


  • Max. voltage:                                      1200V
  • Max. current:                                      400A
  • Temperature range:                             25°C to 300°C
  • Test bench inductance:                        30-35nH
  • Accuracy (oszilloskope):                       12bit
  • Max. sampling rate (oszilloskope):        2,5 GS/s

Double pulse measuring station

Measuring station for the investigation of the switching behavior of power semiconductors (SiC / GaN)

Characterization of:

  • Switching losses (Eon; Eoff)
  • Switching edges (du/dt; di/dt)
  • overvoltages / current peaks
  • Oscillation behavior

Technical data:

  • Max. Voltage 1200V
  • Max. Current 300A
  • Temperature range 25°C - 300°C