Electronic Energy Systems

Highly available and efficient power conversion

Fraunhofer ISIT supports the energy transition and the expansion of power electronics-based energy conversion to mission-critical applications. To this end, the institute develops a broad spectrum of competencies ranging from the design and manufacture of power devices to the understanding and consideration of application-specific constraints and their interactions.

Optimal performance is achieved by combining innovative hardware and software solutions in areas such as e-mobility and its charging infrastructure, low and medium voltage microgrids (renewable energy, hydrogen and battery integration, smart transformers) and other mission-critical applications such as data centres.


Technologies for hybrid grids

  • Medium voltage DC distribution
  • Medium voltage MMC
  • Power hardware in the loop (PHiL) testing 
  • Grid forming strategies

Multi-energy power converters

  • Application-tailored topologies
  •  WBG-based power converters
  • Reliability-driven design
  • Fault-tolerance with minimal hardware

Active reliability

  • Thermal management
  • Condition monitoring​
  • Reliability-driven control​

The Electronic Energy Systems group offers a comprehensive range of capabilities for the energy transition. This includes expertise in power modules to power systems and networks, and power converters. Through collaboration with our industrial and academic partners, we develop cutting-edge research and development activities. Our work is based on a deep theoretical understanding of the relevant phenomena, complemented by experimental validations performed in our three laboratories dedicated to electrical and environmental testing at medium voltage, low voltage and on batteries.

Fraunhofer ISIT offers theoretical and simulation-based analyses as well as experimental characterisation and testing of power components and systems.

The EES department of Fraunhofer ISIT focuses on these United Nations Sustainable Goals.

Hybrid grids, combining sub-networks of different voltage levels (from low to medium) and types (AC and DC) using smart transformers, are the future of the power distribution system. As power electronics expands into mission-critical applications and applications with high downtime costs, the need for high-availability power converters increases. This can be supported by condition monitoring, digital twins, life extension control algorithms, and fault tolerance strategies.

Fraunhofer ISIT offers unique expertise from chip level to system level, including packaging technologies and converter development. This enables global optimisation of the entire system for high availability and ultra-high efficiency - at controlled costs.

Medium Voltage Lab

Fraunhofer ISIT has developed a broad range of expertise and facilities, including MV-power converters for grid forming and storage management systems

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