Module Services

The "Module Services" working group deals with the quality and reliability as well as the assembly and advanced packaging technology of production-relevant key technologies for electronic systems in direct cooperation with manufacturers of materials, components, electronic assemblies and systems.

The components of an electronic assembly are subjected to significant loads in connection processes, assembly and in field operation. Material, design and process control are the key factors in producing high quality products. Based on many years of experience analyzing of specific claims and accelerated aged pre-series samples, ISIT has generated a full range of development and service offerings that enable customers to actively increase the quality and reliability of their products.

ISIT is developing further integration technologies for electronic systems that undergo a comprehensive qualification program. The supply of customized test chips and substrates, qualified prototypes and audited pilot production complete the offer.

Due to the good networking of industrial and scientific competencies, the working group "Module Services" is actively involved in the development of new process technologies within the framework of research projects in the national and European environment.