Advanced Devices

From Planar to Vertical: Custom Solutions for Advanced Si- and GaN-based Power Electronics

Fraunhofer ISIT supports the continuous miniaturization of power electronics applications while increasing power density on system and device level and offers the development of devices such as application specific silicon based PowerMOS transistors, IGBTs and diodes with reverse bias capabilities up to 1200V as well as advanced gallium nitride based power transistors and diodes with excellent electrical properties and switching speeds down to the ns range.

Use Cases


Automotive power inverters for EV drives


Passive components for high-frequency switched-mode power supplies - Microcoils


Silicon Membrane Technology

for polymer-free realization of filter structures

Our solution

Our portfolio

Si-technology platform:

GaN-technology platform:

  • Quasi-vertical GaN diodes
  • HEMTs
  • Vertical GaN transistors 

Our offer

Applications fields

  • Automotive 
  • Renewable energies
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Next-Gen Computing

Your Benefits

A particular R&D focus is application-specific device design and the development of new device architectures. Another important research topic is the development of new processes for advanced power devices at wafer level. For gallium nitride devices, ISIT is also developing front and backside contacting methods for bulk GaN wafers and GaN-on-Si wafers.

For system integration of passive devices, Fraunhofer ISIT offers the development of chip capacitors, precision resistors and inductors as well as corresponding chip-level circuits. At ISIT, the complete development chain from simulation and design to the development of single processes and complete process lines on 8" manufacturing equipment and numerous characterization tools is offered.

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© Fraunhofer ISIT/ Eric Shambroom Photography 2020