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Power Diodes

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Electrical Characterization

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Process Technology

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Advanced Power Transistors

Development and manufacturing center for silicon and gallium nitride based power semiconductor devices

The ISIT supports the continuing miniaturization of power electronics applications with simultaneous increased power density at the system and device levels and offers the development of components such as application-specific silicon-based PowerMOS transistors, IGBTs and diodes with blocking capabilities of up to 1200V, as well as advanced power transistors and diodes based on Gallium nitride with excellent electrical properties and switching speeds down to the ns range.

A particular R&D focus is the application-specific design of the power semiconductors and the development of new device architectures. The Fraunhofer ISIT develops customer-oriented device structures with special pad configurations and special metallization, such as Ni/Au for improved integration concepts. Novel carrier concepts and laser annealing processes are available for thin-wafer handling, enabling customer-specific optimization of static and dynamic parameters while improving the robustness of the devices.

For the system integration of passive components, the Fraunhofer ISIT offers the development of chip capacitors, precision resistors and inductors as well as corresponding chip-level circuits. At the ISIT, the complete development chain from simulation and design to the development of single processes up to complete process lines on 8” manufacturing equipment and numerous testing tools.


Silicon Membrane Technology

Fraunhofer ISIT has developed a silicon membrane technology to create filters for a variety of material analyses. The technology offers a polymer-free realisation of filter structures for the analysis of micro- and nanoparticles.