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Currently advertised topics

Other suggested topics for Bachelor's/Master's thesis

Grid & Multilevel Converters:

  • Medium Voltage DC applications
  • Micro grids, in particular for ships
  • New components for MV and HV grid
  • Fault diagnosis and tolerance control



  • Lifetime analysis
  • Reliability-driven control
  • Thermal management (design, simulation, characterisation)
  • Digital twinning 


DC-DC Converters:

  • Innovative topologies, with high efficiency, power density, and availability. 
  • Fault-tolerance strategies



  • High current power module
  • Sensor integration
  • Wide-bandgap devices (GaN, SiC)
  • Low parasitic layout & characterisation
  • Low parasitic transformers


Batteries integration:

  • Battery Parameter Estimation (SOC, SOH, etc)
  • Battery Management Systems (Cell balancing)
  • Thermal Modeling Analysis
  • Battery Experimental Characterization