Ultrasound transducer

Miniaturized ultrasonic transducers represent a research focus. Depending on the frequency range, the transducers at Fraunhofer ISIT are designed as piezoelectric thickness or membrane transducers. The basis is formed by highly developed process technology platforms with the piezoelectric high-performance materials AlN, ScAlN and PZT, whereby very high sound pressure levels as well as sensitivities are possible. In this way, efficient ultrasonic transducers with center frequencies ranging from a few kHz to several hundred MHz can be realized. The components developed include ultrasonic arrays for non-contact human-machine interfaces, medical technology applications and non-destructive testing technology.

MEMS Ultrasound Array for Air-Guided Ultrasound
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Piezoelectric ultrasonic arrays with 80 MHz center frequency

Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers