Process Integration and Pilot Production

Development and production at one location

Under the maxim "development and production at one location", ISIT offers the transfer of established processes and technology platforms into a pilot or small series production with the possibility to industrialize these later and to transfer them into a volume production.

One such technology platform is the PSM-X2 process for polysilicon surface micromechanics. The process flow has been developed over many years from the idea to industrialization and AEC-Q100 qualification and enables, for example, the production of multi-axis inertial sensors and micro mirrors. Based on the existing process chain, new designs can be realized with comparatively low development effort and transferred to pilot production.

The refinement of CMOS wafers by processes from microsystems technology is another field of work at ISIT. Fraunhofer ISIT has a large portfolio of processes that cannot be found in any CMOS production. Typical examples are galvanic structures, cavities or vias. Likewise, wafer-level packaging applications are among the typical scenarios. Another area of post-CMOS integration is further processing to a chip-size package.


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