Inertial Sensors

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) combine small device size with low cost in production and high reliability.

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Poly Silicon Process Platform

The technology platform PSM-X2 features a low stress 10-30 µm thick poly silicon layer for the realisation of mechanical active and passive MEMS structures . The use of high resolution lithography allows minimal structure dimension down to 0.5µm. An additional electrode layer beneath the active polysilicon layer is implemented. This gives the opportunity for out-of-plane signal detection or sensor stimulation. Additive functional layers enhance reliability and robustness of the MEMS devices (anti stiction, high-g shock).

For the wafer scale bonding of the sensor device and the protective encapsulation a dedicated multi pressure wafer-level packaging  process is applied using a gold silicon eutectic process at about 400°C. The metallic bond frame induces a hermetic encapsulation of the cavity and the pressure applied during the bond process will persist. Integrated getter films allow cavity pressure levels down to 10-6 bar and a pressure ratio within adjacent cavities of up to 1:400. The application range of PSM-X2 platform includes e.g. inertial sensors, micro mirrors or electro-optic deflection devices.

Inertial Sensors