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Career options for women at Fraunhofer

Female workers are significantly underrepresented in the field of science and technology. However, the low number of women, especially in leadership positions, means that important performance potential is lost. Women use different ways of thinking to analyze and solve problems, and that is what makes them so valuable. 

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is committed to equal rights for women and men at all hierarchical levels and offers various career development measures specifically for women.  


Recruiting female scientists and career development

Through various recruiting measures, we aim to inspire female students and graduates as early as possible to pursue promotion, enter the workforce, and take on management roles at Fraunhofer.

Fraunhofer TALENTA

Fraunhofer TALENTA is another program designed to attract, develop and retain female scientists long term.

TALENTA start for female university graduates, TALENTA speed up for experienced female scientists and TALENTA excellence for female scientists in leading positions are financially supported by the Fraunhofer Institutes on an annual basis. Fraunhofer ISIT also has TALENTA alumni.

Fraunhofer Attract

The Fraunhofer Attract funding program gives external young female scientists an opportunity to further develop their ideas at Fraunhofer in an application-oriented manner. With a budget of a maximum of 2.5 million euros over 5 years, they can set up and lead a group to implement the idea and its application. 


Work-life balance

In addition to recruiting female employees, the second most important goal is to retain them in the long term. The so-called work-life balance is becoming increasingly important because it not only makes employees happier, but also improves their performance and commitment.

In order to better reconcile the professional and family situation, we work with flexible working time models such as flexitime, part-time or teleworking. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft also offers flexible work arrangements to employees caring for children or relatives in need of care. 


In addition to these programs, Fraunhofer offers many other career opportunities and support specifically for women. Participation in Girls Day and the offer of career-oriented internships, for example, helps female students gain an insight into Fraunhofer activities and is a good opportunity for young women interested in a career in applied research. 

Jobs and career at Fraunhofer ISIT

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