During plating, thick metallic layers can be deposited by electrochemical deposition. At ISIT, galvanic gold, copper, nickel and tin processes are available for microstructuring. These offer a wide range of applications for metal-based microsystems.

Equipments and processes

  • automatic 8 "electroplating system SEMSYCO Triton (vinegar pretreatment and vacuum pre-treatment possible)
  • manual 6 "or 8" electroplating system RENA EPM-T 100 for process experiments
  • 2mm edge exclusion
  • Metals: gold, copper, nickel, tin up to 60μm layer thickness
  • Temperature range: room temperature up to 50 ° C

Application areas

  • Metal surfaces micromechanics
  • monolithic integration, CMOS / ASIC compatible processing
  • Electrostatics for electrostatics / distraction
  • Bonding frame for wafer level packing / (e.g. eutectic AuSi or AuSn bonding)
    • metal wiring
    • Bondpads, bumps
    • coils
    • 3D metal structures