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Welcome to Fraunhofer ISIT, the specialist in development, manufacturing and integration of components in microelectronics and microsystems technology. On the following pages you can find information about Fraunhofer ISIT and different possibilities of cooperating with our institute.

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Power Electronics

The business unit Power Electronics at Fraunhofer ISIT develops and manufactures innovative active and passive power semiconductor components based on silicon and gallium nitride, develops power electronic systems...

Micro Fabrication

The focus of this business segment is on industrialization, quality and reliability of individual clean room processes, process platforms like wafer-level packaging, and components.




Micro-loudspeakers based on MEMS chips offer high-fidelity at very low power consumption

Researchers from Fraunhofer ISIT and Fraunhofer IDMT have developed a novel type of micro-loudspeakers based on MEMS technology. At the Electronica 2018 trade show,  Fraunhofer ISIT will demonstrate an in-ear headphone application to a broad industrial audience.


First high-performance, integrated MEMS loudspeakers for high-quality speech and music reproduction

Successful presentation of the newest MEMS loudspeaker technology at this year´s DAGA-Conference

San Francisco, February 02. – 07. 2019

Photonics West 2019

Visit us at the trade fair Photonics West 2019 in San Francisco.


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