Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition is considered to be a special form of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The chemical deposition is supported only by a plasma. The plasma serves as an activation for the reaction of the reactive gases. The deposition temperatures are usually between 100 and 600 °C.


Technical Specifications

Process temperature of ≤540 ° C

Process chamber:

  • Two silane chambers (A + C)
  • A TEOS chamber (B)

Gases silane chamber: SiH2, N2O, NH3,N2, He, Ar, NF3, PH4 + B2H physically connected, however so far no processes

Gases TEOS chamber: TEOS, He, O2, Ar, NF3


Single sided coating, single wafer processing

Application areas:

Hard masking, sacrificial layers, protective layers, passivation layers, MEMS-specific processes


Silane-based processes:

  • Silicon oxide
  • Silicon Oxi-Nitride
  • Silicon nitride
  • Amorphous silicon

TEOS based processes:

  • Silicon oxide