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Microelectronics for the home

Sustainability - energy efficiency - resilience


In an increasingly digitalized and networked world, technology is having an ever greater impact on our daily lives. Smart home technologies are not only revolutionizing our everyday working lives, but are also shaping the future of our homes and lives. Microtechnology forms the backbone of the smart home by enabling a wealth of functions that make our lives more convenient, safer and more efficient. From tiny microcontrollers to powerful integrated circuits, microelectronic components play a crucial role in the realization of smart home appliances, networked sensors for health monitoring, automation systems and much more.

Our experts will be giving presentations at microtec nord 2024 on the following topics:

Dr. Michael Mensing (10:15): "Smaller, faster and more energy-efficient - MEMSification of microelectronics and power electronics"

Prof. Dr. Shanshan Gu-Stoppel (14:00): "MEMS based smart LIDAR system for human-machine cooperation"

Dr. Fabian Stoppel (15:30): "Energy efficient MEMS sound transducers for environmental sensing and audio applications"

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