PCIM 2024

Come and visit our experts at PCIM! Are you curious about what we will be presenting? Find out more about our exhibits below!

Our researchers will present the following topics at PCIM in June:

  • Highly available and efficient power conversion, from drives to grid​
  • Thermal digital​ twins: Maximize hardware performance, minimize downtime
  • High efficiency and density power converters
  • Together with our colleagues from Fraunhofer IMS and IISB, we will also present the topic PowerCare 

Power Electronics

Saving megatons of greenhouse gas emissions in industry and mobility every year through intelligent power electronics with innovative gallium nitride semiconductors in motor control units?

In order to achieve independence from fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy sources, production and mobility must be extensively electrified. This increases the need for compact, energy-efficient and reliable power electronics. In the PowerCare project, innovative vertical gallium nitride power semiconductors and real-time-capable failure models are being developed and used in a motor drive. PowerCare is pursuing a new approach in the monitoring concept through a miniaturized motor controller with integrated AI failure prediction. The project thus lays the foundation for the next evolutionary stage of intelligent, sustainable power modules.


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From Planar to Vertical: Custom Solutions for Advanced Si- and GaN-based Power Electronics

Fraunhofer ISIT supports the continuous miniaturization of power electronics applications while increasing power density on system and device level and offers the development of devices such as application specific silicon based PowerMOS transistors, IGBTs and diodes with reverse bias capabilities up to 1200V as well as advanced gallium nitride based power transistors and diodes with excellent electrical properties and switching speeds down to the ns range.

Our Use Cases:

  • Automotive power inverters for EV drives
  • Passive components for high-frequency switched-mode power supplies - Microcoils
  • Silicon Membrane Technology for polymer-free realization for filter structures


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Electronic Energy Systems

Thermal digital twins are simulation models running in parallel of a physical system, with its parameters dynamically updated through the lifetime based on real-time measurements ensuring optimal accuracy.

Our thermal digital twins model the thermal behaviour of power modules to estimate its temperature and overall state of health. By measuring a limited number of temperatures at selected points within a power module, a comprehensive equivalent thermal model is established. This model is then used to accurately estimate transistors’ temperatures and asses their level of degradation.

Our technology allows you to get more power and less down-time out of your hardware:

  • Online ageing monitoring by continuously monitoring the degradation through the thermal system during online operation to avoid downtimes.
  • Optimised maintenance planning enabled by remaining useful lifetime estimation.
  • PQ-power curve extension thanks to the accurate junction temperature estimation enabling design margin reduction.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs and footprint allowed by minimizing  design margins.
  • Optimised thermal management implemented by dynamic control of the active cooling system

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We develop and test power converters for low to medium power for applications such as drives and grid-interfacing. We use state-of-the-art technologies that enable high efficiency and power density, such as GaN, SiC, planar transformers, and integrated multiport topologies.

Working with the Institute's active reliability team, we develop high availability solutions, using hardware and software approaches for fault tolerance - always with minimum redundancy.

Our extensive Power Hardware in the Loop (PHiL) test facilities allow the performance of converter to be evaluated under realistic conditions and specific mission profiles.