Autor: Claudia Buschmann

New professor at Kiel University

press release /

Fraunhofer ISIT is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Fabian Lofink to the professorship for Materials and Devices in Microsystems Technology at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität of Kiel. Mr. Lofink has accepted the appointment and we congratulate him warmly on this important position.

Dr. Fabian Lofink has already been teaching Semiconductor Technology and Micro/Nanosystems Technology at the CAU since 2018. At Fraunhofer ISIT, Dr. Fabian Lofink has been head of the MEMS Applications business unit since 2016. His research at Fraunhofer ISIT in Itzehoe focuses on new materials and processes, including the development of ferroelectric AlScN layers and magnetic functional materials for innovative MEMS devices.

Dr. Fabian Lofink comments on the task ahead: "I am delighted to have received the call from Kiel and look forward to introducing young students to the great importance of microsystems technology. This is a forward-looking topic with high social relevance for many areas: from communication and resource efficiency to medical technology and safety."

Institute Director Prof. Dr. Holger Kapels adds: "I am extremely pleased that our colleague Fabian Lofink will further strengthen the great expertise of Fraunhofer ISIT in the field of MEMS technology and thus also the successful cooperation with Kiel University. I warmly congratulate Fabian on this step."

Prof. Lofink will continue to head the MEMS Applications business unit and thus make a decisive contribution to the further development of Fraunhofer ISIT.