FED Conference: PCB Design for Production

29th FED Conference on "PCB design suitable for production" on September 16 - 17, 2021.

Unacceptable deformation of a press-fit connection.

Our expert Helge Schimanski will give a presentation on the topic of "PCB design suitable for production - or - Can the developer positively influence PCB reliability?".


Process optimization and cost savings already start with the development of electronic products. A PCB design suitable for production is the prerequisite for avoidable rework and reliable functioning of the overall system.

The presentation will use examples to show how decisions made during development affect the manufacturability and reliability of electronic assemblies. Optimized layout design and material selection can lay the foundation for a reliable product already in the development phase. Various aspects of layout design and process control in assembly manufacturing are addressed, such as press-fit connections, thermal stress on the component and PCB and its minimization through the use of suitable heat traps, as well as problems in depaneling. Design notes on the various aspects provide the developer with guidance for layout design.


The paper will be presented in the lecture block: "Printed Circuit Board and Assembly Design".  


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FED Conference 2021

  • Place: Bamberg
  • 16- 17 September 2021
  • Speaker: Helge Schimanski
  • Topic: PCB design suitable for production
  • Registration here


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Module Integration/ Stress-controlled Design

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