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„Ehrung der Besten 2023“ – Apprentice Fabian Falk receives award for outstanding performance

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Fabian Falk, an apprentice in the Microsystems Technology department at Fraunhofer ISIT, was honored for his outstanding achievements at the "Ehrung der Besten 2023".

At the "Ehrung der Besten 2023" ceremony on January 30/31, 2024 at the Fraunhofer headquarters in Munich, a total of 13 trainees and two dual students were honored for their outstanding achievements. Among the honored trainees is Fabian Falk, a trainee in the Microsystems Technology department at Fraunhofer ISIT. Due to his inability to attend, the certificate was presented retrospectively on April 4, 2024 on the premises of Fraunhofer ISIT.

Fabian Falk, a graduate of the microtechnologist apprenticeship specializing in microsystems technology in the Micro Manufacturing Processes business unit, was able to distinguish himself through his extraordinary commitment and outstanding achievements. He completed his training with an IHK qualification with the grade "very good". His final company dissertation entitled "Evaluation of a reflow soldering process for Si wafers with an IR prototype desktop soldering system" was particularly impressive.

The certificate was presented in person by Prof. Dr. Axel Müller-Groeling, member of the Executive Board, and Prof. Dr. Holger Kapels, Deputy Director of Fraunhofer ISIT.

Fabian started working as a microtechnologist at OQmented immediately after completing his training last summer. He is now responsible for setting up various prototypes and looking after a large range of equipment in a laboratory.

Jan Lähn, Fabian's trainer at ISIT, was also honored for his outstanding supervision and support. With the "Ehrung der Besten 2023", Jan Lähn was honored for the eighth time in his 20 years as an instructor.

Fraunhofer ISIT congratulates Fabian Falk on his award and wishes him continued success in his career as a microtechnologist.