Björn Gojdka

Energy Harvester System with integrated magnets

Within the Fraunhofer lighthouse project “Toward Zero Power Electronics-ZePowEl”, Fraunhofer ISIT developed a novel MEMS magnetomechanical energy harvester.

Magnetoelectric energy-harvesters with integrated 3D-micromagnets

The unique wafer-level integration of NdFeB micromagnets, enabled by ISIT’s patented PowderMEMS technology, allows contactless energy harvesting in various excitation schemes. The harvested energy is transduced by high quality AlN or AlScN piezoelectric layers. The device allows for the mechanical and/or magnetic exploitation of linear and rotational motion, electromagnetic waves and shock-like accelerations. In resonance, high power output > 100 µW is achieved. Low frequency pulse-like excitations lead to outputs sufficient to realize near-zero power wake-up functionality.

Examples of Application:

  • Energy autonomous sensor nodes 
  • Magnetic field sensor 
  • Zero-power wake-up device 
  • Low-power tachometer 
  • Transducer for power transmission (e.g. active implants)
Top view of energy harvester with integrated 3D-micromagnets.
Integrated harvesting and storage module.

Technical specifications:

  • Harvester Dimensions: 6.0 x 8.0 mm²
  • Power output in resonance: > 100 µW
  • Open-circuit voltage in resonance: > 4 V
  • Resonance frequency range: 1 – 4 kHz
  • Power output at 30-50 Hz (pulse-like excitation): > 5 µW
  • Open circuit voltage at 30-50 Hz (pulse-like excitation): > 3 V
  • Vacuum packaging: available

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