Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

The atomic layer deposition is a highly modified CVD method for the deposition of very thin layers. In this way layers with a polycrystalline or amorphous structure can be produced. The method allows very good control of the ultra-thin layers smaller than 10 nm.

Technical specifications:

  • Process temperature of 25-450 ° C
  • Process chamber:
    • Single-wafer chamber with manual handler
    • Batch chamber with 25 slots

Precursor and layers:

  • Al2O3
    • Precursor: TMA, H2O
  • TiO2
    • Precursor: TiCl4, H2O
  • TiN
    • Precursor: TiCl4, NH3
      Planning of SiO2 at the site
    • Precursor: (Sam24 or 3DMAS), H2O

Application areas:

Diffusion barriers, anti-reflective coatings.