Technlogy Seminar - Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacuring - Technology Seminar on October 20 - 21, 2021

On October 20/21, 2021, a joint seminar of Kurtz Ersa, LeiterplattenAkademie GmbH and Fraunhofer ISIT will take place in Wertheim at Ersa. 


The Challenge

In order to remain viable against the background of high challenges in global competition, high demands are placed on the European electronics industry. All this requires first and foremost a production-oriented design and flexible production lines in order to produce even small batch sizes economically, in high quality. 


The Solution 

The seminar highlights important aspects of modern assembly production. Participants will be shown the influences of individual work steps on the manufacturability and reliability of electronic assemblies - starting with design and extending to production and testing. 

The focus is on the interactions and dependencies of these sub-processes, e.g. how the PCB layout is influenced by the solder penetration of THT components or how reliability depends on the design of the assembly utility.



The topics covered will be CAD design and PCB technology, with a focus on basic materials, CAD design, and cost considerations for PCBs and layer structures for multilayer boards. The speaker for this block of topics is Arnold Wiemers, technical director of LA - LeiterplattenAkademie GmbH.

Another focus will be on the major topic of soldering technology. Here, Jürgen Friedrich, head of application technology at Ersa GmbH, will address solder metallurgy, thermal considerations at solder joints and possibilities for influencing them, as well as process control in soldering processes.

Hot topics from research will be presented by Helge Schimanski, Head of the Module Services Group at Fraunhofer ISIT. Component trends, soldering of temperature-sensitive components, challenges in processing new designs and PCB design suitable for production will be covered, as will advanced failure analysis as the basis for reliable electronics. A new topic is the processing of low-melting solders in electronics manufacturing.


Target group

The seminar is aimed at all managers from development and production as well as employees responsible for production, work preparation and production planning who want to meet the increasing demands of the electronics industry!  Above all, however, to developers of electronic assemblies, since the final product quality and reliability already have their origin in the development phase through design suitable for production.


We are looking forward to an exciting and informative technology seminar in Wertheim.
The number of participants is limited. Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received.


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