Join MINT - Action day for schoolgirls in Steinburg at Fraunhofer ISIT

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Today, Fraunhofer ISIT was once again all about girls and MINT professions. MINT stands for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. Numerous companies from the region, including Airbus, Deutsche Bahn, companies from the ChemCoastPark Brunsbüttel or the NDR presented their training programs and six universities and research institutions from the surrounding area, including the West Coast University of Applied Sciences , TU Harburg and DESY presented their MINT study subjects.

Most of the exhibitors have been at "Mädchen für MINT" in Itzehoe for many years and appreciate the interesting discussions with the young visitors. That's why a trip from Hamburg, Flensburg or Kiel is not too far for them. About 100 girls from grades 8 to 11 visited the action day this year. 161 were registered, but due to a bus strike in Steinburg, not all of them reached Fraunhofer ISIT; others made their way on foot and arrived somewhat late. The girls who came actively sought information from the trainees and training managers of the companies, as well as from the students and professors of the universities.

The focus was on courses of study such as energy sciences, computer science or electrical engineering and on professions such as chemical laboratory assistant, media designer, microtechnologist or paper technologist, to name just a few.

The organizers had put together a colorful program for the girls. There was a prize competition with questions that the girls could only answer with the support of the exhibitors. There was an online question game in which the girls could share their opinions about the fair via cell phone or answer questions on various topics, such as their dream jobs. The results were directly visible on a screen for all to see. Various discussion rounds with female role models are also an integral part of the annual fair. There, the women reported on their own experiences in STEM professions, gave tips on choosing a career and offered the girls the opportunity to talk to them.

The action day, which took place for the 12th time this year, was organized by the counseling center Frau & Beruf, Fraunhofer ISIT, the employment agency, the equal opportunity commissioners of the Steinburg district and the city of Itzehoe, as well as representatives from the schools. With their commitment, they all want to achieve a change in thinking, because it is still in the majority the boys who decide on a technical profession after school. Yet the job market for STEM professions has developed extremely positively in recent years. STEM offers very good opportunities - also and especially for women.